What is voovooz.com?

voovooz is a powerful, simple and free service that you can upload your picture, or write your favourites and share your links. on voovooz.com by your links real visitors you will earn money

What is different between voovooz, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks?

When you post your picture, or write your favorites and share your links, according to number of your visitors you will earn money on voovooz.

I don't have any post, can I earn money from voovooz?

Yes, you can share voovooz links. login and choose what subject your audience love. pick best article and share that.

How can I share link?

You can simply use quick share link buttons (under posts) or copy and paste your link.

What is accepted view?

voovooz.com will pay only for real visitors. if your audience used proxy servers, adblocker, robot, software and etc, voovooz will not count them.

How do I Earn Money on voovooz?

Sharing content on voovooz is as simple as any other social platform. Sign in, post your status or photos to your page, and engage with your friends as little or as often as you’d like.
You may not make a million, but you will earn more than you do for sharing on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
You’ll need to have a good number of visitors and your posts need to be engaging in order to earn money.

How much do I earn by my link visitors?

For visitors from United States and United Kingdom you will earn $5 (per 1000 view). on Payment Rates you can see full list of rates.

Can I track my link visitors?

Yes, after signin, on Analytic section you can see how many visit each your links has.

What to Share


Clip  »  Cat

Hidden kitten cuddle huddle


Clip  »  Animal

Red panda pull ups


Clip  »  Dog

Dog back scratch slide


Clip  »  Cool

Train tanker implosion


Clip  »  Sport

Golf swing breaks ice


Clip  »  Cat

Mom falls kittens scatter

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